Download - Amethyst Spa Set (version 2)

Download - Amethyst Spa Set (version 2)

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I have updated this kit to give an extra design option. The boxes are exactly as before but the image has an amethyst on a large lilac flower.

Dollhouse Miniature instant digital download kit to make 1/12th scale Hamper and 13 assorted toiletries

Kit makes 1 hamper, 1 toilet bag, 1 tissue box,3 sachets, 1 potpourri bag,7 assorted boxes for hand cream, bubble bath, shampoo etc plus extra labels for your own projects.

When complete the hamper measures 35mm at its widest point x 16mm tall. (1 and 3/8" x 5/8" )

The tissue box is 12mm square approx.

You can use all the items individually for your own projects or fill the hamper as pictured.

Kit does not include tissue or embellishment.

Last image shows scale and other options available. Furniture and props not included.