Afternoon project kit - 2 brand new designs

Afternoon project kit - 2 brand new designs

8th May 2023

I started with the violet kit. I just loved the floral graphic and knew I had to make it into something pretty for a haberdashery, hat or sewing shop. It became a hat pin stand which started flying out so I decided to offer it in kit and download form. 

The 2nd kit had to be in a design that would suit lots of eras, so although its called vintage floral, its still suitable for a modern sewing shop.

I've also recently had lots of requests for scissors boxes so i included that in the kit as well as a sewing box, various other boxes and card cuts outs until I stopped at 33 items!

If you are an experienced kit maker it should take an afternoon but may take longer for others.

In the later images you can see how I added embellishment.  I searched through my scrap box and used spare beads, lace and ribbon to make them more effective.

The download prints on 2 pages and the kit also comes on 2 pages.

I hope you enjoy them.

Violet Haberdashery kit

Vintage Floral Haberdashery kit